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      This section will feature WIP's and Demo's (still to come, follow me on Twitter or FB for updates.

      Right now it displays some WIP images of visual/look development of current personal project - The MANBAT

   Blood Skin LookDev

      WIP ideas for blood. Some options are blood on top

      of skin and some read more like wounds. Same mask

      with different disp heights. More spec breakup needed.

   eyeStalk Variations

      Some eye stalk variations, the bigger round eyes are a bit too cute in silhouette.


      Layered shaders are set up, dirt on top of skin on top of fleshier. Textures so far are procedural only.

      Going for a lighter groom so more of the skin can be seen, density is more mole rat than bat.


      These are some test renders from Arnold for Maya 2017. Trying to decide how gooey the skin should look.       

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